About Us

The International Symposium on Logistics (ISL) aims to provide a forum for discussion between leading academics, researchers and practitioners who specialise in the area of logistics and supply chain management and to promote excellence in this field. The fundamental goals of good logistics are to manage the movement of materials from the point of acquisition to the point of final consumption, as well as the associated information flows, with a view to providing excellent customer service at a reasonable cost. Achieving these goals requires fast and efficient management of internal and external resources within the context of global supply chain networks. Papers presented at ISL represent the latest in academic thinking and case examples of successful implementations of ideas, models and concepts. The wider audience do benefit from the knowledge and experience of leading practitioners and academics in this area.

This major event for international scholars in the areas of Logistics, Operations and Supply Chain Management will be held in Bangkok, Thailand and follows successful symposia held in Enschede 2023 Ireland 2022, Online 2021, Germany 2019, Indonesia 2018, Ljubljana 2017, Kaohsiung 2016, Bologna 2015, Ho Chi Minh 2014, Vienna 2013, Cape Town 2012, Berlin 2011, Kuala Lumpur 2010, Istanbul 2009, Bangkok, 2008, Budapest 2007, Beijing 2006, Lisbon 2005, Bangalore 2004, Sevilla 2003, Melbourne 2002, Salzburg 2001, Iwate 2000, Florence 1999, Padua 1997 and Nottingham 1995 and 1993.

The official language of the Symposium is English.